A Government in Denial

February 22, 2012

Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell is disappointed with McGuinty’s government over their handling of the Drummond Report aftermath. “We were told for months to wait for the report, now McGuinty is telling the  House to wait until the budget. Ontario cannot afford that. The Government is staunchly refusing to acknowledge the importance and scope of public sector reform outlined by Don Drummond”.

Within minutes of the Drummond Report being released, McGuinty’s team began nullifying it by cherrypicking items as untouchable – without offering any alternative savings. The Drummond report instructs the Liberal government to achieve a set level of savings, and to substitute measures carrying “a similar fiscal benefit” if a recommendation is not implemented.

Jim McDonell commented: “There’s a difference between the work day and the 6pm reception. McGuinty failed to lead and steward Ontario for almost a decade, and Drummond handed him a job description. The Premier’s under the impression it’s a finger food tray instead”.

The PC caucus has offered more money-saving options since before the October election:

  • A public sector wage freeze
  • A full review of government programs
  • A set of policies designed to create jobs, as well as attract, retain and nurture Ontario businesses.

Echoing Drummond’s admonition that Ontarians are unaware of the depth of the Province’s difficulties, McDonell said: “I don’t think the Liberals are conscious of how serious the situation is. They inherited a healthy budget in 2003. At this pace, in 2017 McGuinty will have plunged every man, woman and child in Ontario into $31000 of debt, all to bankroll his runaway spending spree. We’ll be saddled with over $1000 each – per year – in interest payments alone”.

McDonell stressed: “If that debt were a mortgage down-payment, in 2017 every Ontarian could be a condo owner in downtown Toronto.”