McGuinty Playing Win-Lose Economics with Alberta

February 28, 2012

Jim McDonell, MPP was not surprised by the recent criticism of Alberta’s oil sands industry by Premier Dalton McGuinty: “The Government is so focused on spending, that they won’t even take time to read Don Drummond’s report, their own handpicked consultant, that’s telling them that they have a spending problem that must be fixed. Alberta is part of the solution and it is time to admit that they need help.”

A recent study showed that Ontario stood to benefit from the oil sands to the tune of $63 billion and 65,000 jobs over 25 years. The MPP remarked that the PC Party has always been open to seize new opportunities for Ontario, and we must support Alberta because to is good for our neighbours, good for Canada and good for Ontario.

McDonell minced no words to outline how unsound the Premier’s position is. “We are a have-not province that is eager to take equalisation payments, yet when mutually beneficial opportunities arise to help wean our Province off welfare, our Premier stabs the bearer of the cheque in the back. We need win-win partnerships and can’t always play the blame game. Dalton McGuinty is in a dream-world where he thinks he’s back in 2003, taking over a province with spending under control and with essentially a zero deficit. He has risen spending by 60% in 8 years, making Ontario a have-not province for the first time in its history. But it’s not 2003 anymore Mr. Premier, it’s time to wake up and bring spending under control.”

In conclusion, Jim McDonell offered a candid analysis. “If the Premier is once again paying back his union boss buddies, he’s being selfish. If he’s jealous of Alberta’s success, he’s being childish. If he believes his approach is a solution to the problem, he’s delusional. It is time for him to listen to the Auditor General, to Don Drummond and to the voters of Ontario. It’s time to do the right thing. It’s time to get his spending under control.”