McDonell stands up for employers

March 2, 2012

Jim McDonell MPP stood up for Ontario’s job creators, our businesses, by voting with the PC Caucus to reduce Ontario’s corporate tax rate.

“Businesses in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry would create much-needed jobs if we gave them the opportunity”, McDonell said.

The Ontario Legislature voted today on an Opposition Day Motion by PC Leader Tim Hudak, which encouraged the Government to reduce the fiscal burden placed on businesses. Liberal members sided with the NDP to defeat the motion.

McDonell stated: “The time was right for a bold move and for sending a clear message to investors and job creators: come to Ontario, we’re open for business, we welcome you and support your entrepreneurial spirit. With more-of-the-same politics, the Government and the NDP let go of a precious opportunity.”

All MPPs have employers in their ridings. McDonell highlighted how members who voted against the motion have not served their constituents well. “Denying your own constituents the potential to see greater employment and prosperity in their area is a disservice to them”.

Jim McDonell, MPP reiterated his will to delivering on his commitments: “I promised to help make Ontario the best place to do business. I will work tirelessly to achieve that goal together with my colleagues in the Ontario PC Caucus”.