This Budget is Weak

March 27, 2012

Jim McDonell, MPP expected greater vision and determination from the McGuinty Government in tackling Ontario’s spending crisis.

“We see a Budget with no plan for jobs and no moves to contain spending. Expenditures are rising in more than half of the ministries; up almost two billion dollars from last year’s Budget. Our deficit is now three times larger than all other provinces combined, and ten times the size of second place Quebec’s.”

“This Government has been given all the tools and reasons to make the necessary cuts, but they don’t have the determination to implement them. Job-creating measures are being stalled. The Budget does not tackle the roots of this crisis. Ontario’s businesses will not see a streamlining of regulation, or a lightening of their fiscal burden, or a move to correct this Government’s failed energy policies that will result in the highest energy rates in North America by next year” – the member for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry stated.

The PC Caucus criticizes the lack of concrete action in the Budget to tackle the deficit, labelling the exercise as “kicking the can down the road”. Jim McDonell, MPP agrees. “This Budget is akin to a delay tactic. It is a very well-worded, lengthy way of giving more of the same while pretending to carry out a  revolution”

Jim McDonell, MPP is particularly disappointed with the Government’s job creation plan. The Government plans only to create an advisory body called the Jobs and Prosperity Council. Jim McDonell, MPP commented: “We need apprenticeship reform, lower business taxes and sound energy policies. There have been sufficient studies and discussions to trace a path for this Government to get Ontario back on track. It’s time they set out on it”.