Ontario PC’s release Flexible Labour Markets White Paper

June 27, 2012

CORNWALL – Jim McDonell, MPP welcomes today’s release of the second instalment of the Ontario PC Paths to Prosperity plan to put the Province back on track to economic growth. The Flexible Labour Markets white paper outlines the essential steps that must be taken to reform Ontario’s labour market and free both employers and employees from unnecessary red tape and regulation.

“Our white paper takes Ontario’s outdated labour laws into the 21st century” – McDonell said. “Our current system creates a paradox where an employee has two bosses: one paying the salary and the other taking it to spend through a system that lacks transparency.”

Ontario’s rigid labour laws have severe economic consequences for all Ontarians. Jim McDonell, MPP commented: “Our unionisation framework has led to a closed tendering system where public projects lose their focus on the outcome and the taxpayer. Process – and the payment it brings – becomes the sole concern. This must stop, Ontario cannot afford it and Ontarians are fed up with Government waste. Our youth are prevented from entering the skilled trades by regulations designed to protect big-union shops that hate competition – despite a looming 1-million skilled tradesmen shortage”.

The Ontario PC white paper, when implemented by a majority Ontario PC Government, will return unions to the essential role they played as advocates of higher employment standards, champions of worker safety and builders of the middle class. McDonell offers his perspective: “The current situation is unsustainable. Our labour laws and labour-related government agencies are making it harder and harder to hire and retain employees in tough economic times. Lack of financial transparency of the large unions diminishes workers’ and employers’ confidence in the very institution that should act as a trustworthy advocate.”

McDonell concludes: “Dalton McGuinty’s answer to any issue is more government, more top-down management, more costs, more red tape, more intrusion where Government shouldn’t meddle. For instance, employers with private insurance plans have to pay increased premiums into a WSIB already in the hole for 14.5 billion, and a nightmare to deal with. The Ontario PC Flexible Labour Markets white paper is about more than mere changes in legislation. It is a change in attitude towards employers and employees in this Province, and the time for this change is now”.