Press “Liberal” for Less Service

November 13, 2012

“The closure of all Service Ontario kiosks following numerous security breaches is another symptom of the Liberal Government’s mismanagement of public projects” – says Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell.

Service Ontario self-serve kiosks were originally shut down on June 6 after a massive security breach exposed thousands of Ontarians to identity theft. Government Services Minister Harinder Takhar announced the permanent shutdown of the kiosk service on November 6.

MPP Jim McDonell expressed his disappointment: “As with many public projects and initiatives, the Liberal Government has mismanaged the kiosk file in an inexcusable manner. Proper data security should have been their number one priority from the design stage; this service should have been fixed and expanded. I see Ontarians requiring government services every day at my constituency office and Service Ontario must ensure it is accessible and convenient. The kiosks provided an opportunity to allow for greater access to government services while dramatically reducing overhead costs. Liberal mismanagement turned an opportunity into a boondoggle”.

The kiosk fiasco joins the E-Health scandal and the Elections Ontario privacy breach as the latest Liberal-supervised failure in Government electronic record-keeping. MPP McDonell concluded: “Once again, we are on the hook for millions of dollars with no results”