Recalling the Legislature

November 15, 2012

One month ago, the Liberals shut down the Legislature in the midst of a jobs and debt crisis. They were facing a growing list of scandals, including their $1-billion seat-saver program for the cancelled Mississauga and Oakville gas plants and their eHealth boondoggle that’s wasted $2 billion of taxpayer money with little to show.

Rather than being accountable for their decisions, the Liberals decided to run away from their responsibilities while holding a leadership race that won’t wrap up until the end of January.

By shutting down the Legislature – with no indication of when the House will return – the Liberals have prevented MPPs from taking urgent action that would rein in government overspending and kick-start private sector job creation in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry and across Ontario.

There are 600,000 women and men in Ontario who didn’t have a job to go to this morning. These are people who are depending on their elected officials to help turn our province’s economy. Instead, the Liberals are letting Ontarians down.

With the doors shut, they’ve put a government that wasn’t doing its job on autopilot, leaving overspending to continue unchecked and the debt to accumulate. They’ve sent the message to businesses and credit rating agencies that the Liberals’ made-in-Ontario jobs and debt crisis continues.

Enough is enough. Last month, our province lost another 40,000 private sector jobs while the public sector became even more bloated with another 30,000 jobs. In fact, October marked the 70th consecutive month that the provincial unemployment rate has been above the national average. Just last week a large employer announced it was leaving the riding.

Ontario needs to get off the path of a $30-billion deficit in order to attract investors and encourage businesses to expand and create new jobs. All of us want the best possible public services, and the only way to get there is by paying down the debt, balancing the budget and growing the economy.

That’s why the PCs released our fourth white paper Paths to Prosperity: An Agenda for Growth, which presents 15 bold, new ideas to kick-start the economy and create jobs. The paper is available at:

MPPs need to be back at work, passing legislation to help balance the budget, eliminate trade barriers, modernize our apprenticeship system and lower taxes, among a number of other pro-growth actions.

Now it’s time for Liberal MPPs to step up and do the right thing by Ontarians. They need to immediately recall the Legislature, so that we can put Ontario back on track towards economic prosperity.

To sign the Ontario PC petition to recall the Legislature, visit: