Liberals Have Failed Rural Ontario

February 1, 2013

NAVAN – Today, Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry PC MPP Jim McDonell and Nepean-Carleton PC MPP Lisa MacLeod joined with Glengarry-Prescott-Russell’s PC candidate Roxane Villeneuve-Robertson and farmers from the area who are angry at the Liberal Government for failing to care about rural Ontario.

“The Liberal Government simply has no interest in rural Ontario,” MacLeod said. “This has not and will not change with a new Liberal leader. Kathleen Wynne was at the Cabinet table when decisions were being made that have been disastrous in our community. Now we see her announcing one minute that she will be the Agriculture Minister and Premier only to abandon that pledge, then to take half a backtrack on that abandonment; either way the agricultural sector in Ontario knows that Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are a lose-lose for them.”

MacLeod made the comments at Wyatt’s farm in Navan Ontario following a week that saw the newly elected Liberal leader flip-flop and then flip-flop again on her plan to be Agriculture Minister.

“At this point farmers here in Eastern Ontario and across the province don’t know what the Liberals have in store for them and they’re concerned,” said McDonell. “This is in stark contrast to the PC Party that has always treated the agricultural sector in Ontario with the respect it deserves. Agriculture and Food Processing are the second-largest goods-producing sector in the Province and guarantee 700,000 stable, well-paying jobs, many of them in Eastern Ontario. The Liberals are tone-deaf on agricultural and rural issues and we all pay the price for their inaction and failed policies.”

Agriculture in Ontario is important to the entire province, added MacLeod. “We had some great Agriculture and Rural Affairs Ministers when we were in government, including Roxane’s father Noble Villeneuve and the former mayor of this municipality Brian Coburn both of whom made sure there was a strong voice for Agriculture at the Cabinet table.”

“The agricultural sector in Ontario is far too important to be treated as second class Ministry by the new downtown Toronto Premier,” said Villeneuve-Robertson. “Farmers feed cities and it is clear that Grant Crack and Kathleen Wynne either don’t know that or don’t care.”

The Ontario PC Party is committed to continuing to stand up for rural Ontario and the agricultural sector of this province even though the Liberals continue to abandon it.