“It Is Time We Got the Healthcare Value We Pay For” – MPP McDonell

February 7, 2013

CORNWALL – As Ontario faces great fiscal challenges and patient outcomes in the healthcare system stagnate, the Ontario PC Caucus presents a new path to ensure Ontarians enjoy the best health and healthcare modern technology and approaches can offer. Titled “Paths to Prosperity – A Healthier Ontario”, the White Paper acknowledges the need for a shift in our healthcare focus from a reactive model centered on acute care to an integrated approach that includes prevention, community care and efficient management of chronic conditions.

MPP Jim McDonell commented: “All Ontario parties share the goal of ensuring we have the best healthcare system our tax dollars can afford. The PC approach is the twenty-first century path to achieving this. It will put us on a sustainable course to keeping Ontarians healthy while obtaining the best value-for-money with the help of evidence-based decision making. Our frontline staff are committed and passionate, yet government bureaucrats too often overlook their advice. This has resulted in a series of failed projects such as E-health and the nowhere-to-be-seen diabetes registry. Through our reforms, Ontario’s physicians and practitioners will be able to deliver preventive healthcare more effectively and co-ordinate their efforts in managing chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Studies tell us that hospital stays often put patients under unnecessary stress and reduce their overall ability. Implementing our proposals will help deliver care to Ontarians in their homes without the needless bureaucracy of today.”

The White Paper places particular emphasis on providing effective home care. MPP McDonell explained: “This is particularly important for seniors who are not fully independent but do not yet require the 24-hour care of a nursing home. Wait times for a Long Term Care bed in SD&G are the highest in the Province because our region lacks the resources for allowing people to stay in their homes. We need to redirect critically needed funds from needless layers of red tape into frontline home care.”

The White Paper is available at http://ontariopc.uberflip.com/i/108118