Throne Speech Spells Out Disappointing Government Agenda

February 19, 2013

QUEEN’S PARK – Earlier today the Government outlined this session’s legislative agenda through the traditional Speech from the Throne. MPP Jim McDonell was hoping to hear that Premier Kathleen Wynne would change direction away from the failed tax and spend polices of the McGuinty Government and present a credible, measurable plan for reversing the trend by implementing a job creation and growth strategy.

MPP McDonell stated: “This Throne Speech amazes me not with its content, but with its omissions. Beyond the reaffirming of McGuinty’s legacy and very vague, generic statements, the Speech from the Throne bound the Government to no commitment on job creation or a real target for spending restraint. This is the time to make bold, confident decisions. Kathleen Wynne has no intention of doing that. It is clear that the Premier does not recognize the seriousness of our situation and the need to take action now. There is clearly no renewal – it is the same old McGuinty-Wynne government continuing policies that have failed Ontarians for years. At a time when all sources point to growing debt service costs and continuing private-sector job losses which erode the tax base, the premier’s approach is “steady as she goes”. Ontario needs urgent action to reduce the costs of, and the limitations to, doing business in Ontario – from artificially inflated energy costs to burdensome regulations and pet projects such as Drive Clean or the Green Energy Act that are an unnecessary burden to Ontario. Our wealth creators must be allowed to do what they do best. Cutting inefficient spending and outrageous waste would go a long way to ensuring tax relief is made available to Ontarians who need it most: seniors, hard-working families and job-seekers. Residents of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry know the time for words and promises is over – it is time to take concrete action, establish measurable outcomes and change track. If this Government is not serious about getting our fiscal and regulatory houses in order, it is my duty to oppose a continued erosion of Ontario’s future prospects. We need real change in the province, and we can only achieve it by changing the team that leads it.”

PC Leader Tim Hudak is scheduled to deliver the PC response during the afternoon sitting on Wednesday.