Fraser Institute Energy Report is Another Indictment of Liberal Energy Policy

April 12, 2013

CORNWALL – A new report by the Fraser Institute into Ontario’s energy market confirmed that electricity rates will continue their dramatic rise due to the Green Energy Act, implemented by the McGuinty Government in 2009.

MPP Jim McDonell remarks that the report confirms previous findings by the Auditor-General: “The evidence against the failed Liberal policy experiment at the expense of Ontario ratepayers is piling up. In 2011, the Auditor-General found that no economic impact study was done prior to the Green Energy Act being implemented, and that the much-touted “green” jobs would be temporary. Adding insult to injury, the Feed-In-Tariff program continues to overpay for energy we do not need and have to offload to our neighbours, at a huge cost.”

Among other findings, the Fraser report indicates over 80% of wind power production was unneeded, as it occurred in off-peak hours and cost $200 million to offload.

MPP McDonell offers a succinct summary of the current policy: “The Liberals are paying money we don’t have, for energy we don’t need, produced by turbines local residents don’t want. The report highlights cheaper alternatives, such as retrofitting coal plants, would have delivered the same improvement in air quality at a fraction of the cost. In the meantime, residential ratepayers are being forced out of their homes by skyrocketing rates, predicted to increase another 43% by 2014. Job-creators in the manufacturing sector are forced to close up shop or are leaving the Province. We need urgent reform in our energy sector to stop our Province being bled dry.”

The Ontario PC Party submitted proposed legislation to tackle the increasing cost of energy. It includes cancelling the FIT program and returning local decision-making power to municipalities regarding the approval of new renewable energy projects such as wind turbines.

“Energy is not a social policy playground – it’s the lifeblood of economic prosperity. It’s time to treat it as such” – MPP McDonell concluded.