Budget Shows Wynne Taking Ontario Down McGuinty’s Path

May 2, 2013

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jim McDonell expressed his disappointment with the provincial Budget delivered today. “The Ontario PC’s have presented a consistent plan to achieve private-sector job growth and prosperity for all Ontarians. These solutions are not hard to figure out, but they are hard to do for a Government that has no vision or accountability. The Budget is an exercise in Liberals patting themselves on the back and is so devoid of any real commitment to economic health and prosperity, reading through the 314-page booklet feels like reading an obituary, rather a vision for the future”,  MPP McDonell commented.

The Budget forecasts a deficit larger than all other Provinces and Territories combined, and a total growing debt load that translates today to over $20,000 for every man, woman and child in Ontario.

MPP McDonell stated: “The Liberals are increasing the debt by increasing spending in almost all ministries. When you are in a hole, you stop digging and you work to get yourself out. The Liberals haven’t grasped this elementary truth.”

MPP McDonell insists Ontario can do better: “Kathleen Wynne decided to continue down the failed McGuinty path to debt and stagnation. Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Caucus have outlined a clear plan to achieve fiscal health and kick-start economic growth in our Province. We must reduce the size and cost of Government, reduce the tax and regulatory load on private-sector job creators, reform our labour markets and place affordable energy at the heart of an economic growth plan. That change has to begin today, and it requires a change in the team that leads Ontario.”