Liberals Avoid Accountability by Cutting Debate Short

June 5, 2013

QUEEN’S PARK – On the day the Privacy Commissioner released her report highlighting the illegal destruction of Government records and e-mails to hide the truth over the huge waste of taxpayer’s money in the power plant cancellation, the Liberal Government cut short the debate on the Budget Bill through a closure motion with the support of the NDP. MPP Jim McDonell and the PC Caucus voted against closing the debate and rejected the Budget Bill.

MPP Jim McDonell commented: “The Liberals have given us a Budget that increases spending and fails to make any of the reforms Ontario needs to return to growth, some of which were indicated to the Liberals by their hand-picked economist, Don Drummond. This Government believes debt is a solution to their spending addiction and refuses to look for savings. Over the past few days the PC Caucus and I have been telling the Government that they need to change course towards lower spending and encouraging job creation through meaningful, long-term reforms. Motioning to cut off the debate shows how the Liberals and NDP will listen to no criticism or advice. I will continue to oppose this Government’s mortgaging of our children’s future to pay for a decade of waste and buying support. The NDP is supporting a fiscally and morally bankrupt Government.”

The programming and closure motion ends the current Second Reading debate and limits debate time on the final version of the Budget at Third Reading to two hours.