Paths to Prosperity – Advanced Manufacturing for a Better Ontario

July 18, 2013

MPP Jim McDonell welcomed the release of Paths to Prosperity – Advanced Manufacturing for a Better Ontario. This is the thirteenth in a series of Ontario PC White Papers outlining the PC strategy for returning Ontario to its rightful place as the economic engine of Canada.

“Ontario has a highly skilled, very adaptable and quality workforce, which gives us a great competitive advantage considering the rising costs of foreign manufacturing. Moreover, Ontario’s political stability and proximity to large consumer markets makes us an attractive destination for high-quality, high-value manufacturing industries. All we need now, is a government that will partner with businesses and eliminate the barriers that they face, such as the job killing mounds of unnecessary regulations.”

The White Paper outlines the challenges facing existing and prospective manufacturers, including increasing power costs and red tape. MPP McDonell commented: “Ontario must seize the opportunity to attract good paying skilled jobs. We need to create a favourable environment to attract new businesses and allow existing ones to grow by changing our approach to energy, education, training, labour and regulation. This requires a dramatic shift from the current Government’s view of businesses and entrepreneurs as cash cows for pet projects, and can only be accomplished through a change in the team that leads Ontario”.

The Paths to Prosperity – Advanced Manufacturing for a Better Ontario White Paper can be read and downloaded at