Ontario PC’s Support Fairness Is A Two Way Street Act, Liberals and NDP Vote Against

September 12, 2013

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jim McDonell joined the Ontario PC Caucus to vote in favour of MPP Jack MacLaren’s Private Member’s Bill 80, Fairness Is A Two-Way Street Act, 2013. If signed into law, the Bill would have imposed restrictions on Quebec-based workers and contractors bidding on contracts in Ontario, unless Quebec removes the unfair hurdles it places on Ontario workers wishing to carry out work in Quebec. The Liberal Party and NDP voted against the Bill.


“Bill 80 was a message to Quebec – we want the border open both ways”, said MPP Jim McDonell. “Ontarians want the same access to the Quebec market as Quebecers enjoy to ours. Ontario is open for hard workers and businesses, but Quebec is abusing our welcome by making it impossible for Ontario contractors to obtain work in Quebec if they wish to. Mike Harris addressed this in 1999, and the Liberals scrapped the original Act in 2006 in exchange for a promise of an open border that Quebec hasn’t lived up to. It is disappointing to see the Liberals and NDP ignore the concerns of Eastern and Northern Ontarians”


On August 22, MPP McDonell hosted a demonstration with MPP Jack MacLaren, local businesses and Greater Ottawa Truckers’ Association General Manager Ron Barr on the subject of Bill 80 which highlighted the challenges faced by Ontario contractors in border areas.


Earlier today, PC Leader Tim Hudak participated in a press conference on Bill 80. “The only way to stand up for Ontario workers who want to work in Quebec is to place similar restrictions on Quebec contractors and workers when they want to work in Ontario,” Hudak said. “This is about jobs for Ontarians.”


“Quebec workers and contractors who work in Ontario are not subject to the same regulations and fees as our own workers”, concluded MPP McDonell. “Today, the PC Caucus demanded that fairness be a two-way street, or Quebec would have to face the consequences. Evidently, the NDP-Liberal coalition does not consider Eastern and Northern Ontarians worth listening to.”