MPP Jim McDonell Disappointed Bill 61 Failed to Pass

October 10, 2013

QUEEN’S PARK – By a vote of 27 to 46, a coalition of Liberal and NDP members worked to deny Second Reading to MPP Jim McDonell’s Bill 61, the Technical Standards and Safety Amendment Act, 2013.

“I am disappointed because throughout the lengthy work on this Bill, I endeavored to balance stakeholders’ concerns with the need for an independent, strong body of experts in the fields of technology and safety regulation,” – said MPP Jim McDonell. “Bill 61 was a needed reform to make the TSSA more transparent and responsive to the needs of Ontario’s job creators.  We live in a very competitive global marketplace. Inventors who cannot get a foothold for their products in Ontario will take their skill elsewhere. Job-creators, unless they can design, set up their business and begin operating as soon as possible, will choose another jurisdiction. It is a missed opportunity.”

MPP McDonell will persevere in advocating the interests of Ontario residents, consumers and taxpayers.

“Ontario needs a number of reforms in many areas, such as arbitration, labour relations, insurance, taxation and pension reform just to mention a few” – concluded MPP McDonell. “I look forward to placing further proposals on the table for my next ballot date. Although as a Private Member, rather than a Minister, I am limited to Bills that do not involve taxation or spending, I will continue to drive home the message that this Province can lead in Canada as a place to do business, create jobs, live, study and raise a family. ‎It needs to be heard by the Liberals and NDP, who need to put Ontarians first. It is hard to believe they won’t even work together with us on a non-partisan bill which would have improved how we do business in Ontario.”