Five Years as a Have-Not Province Is Unacceptable – MPP Jim McDonell

November 5, 2013

QUEEN’S PARK – As the Wynne government’s Fall Economic Statement approaches, MPP Jim McDonell reminds us that this week marks the fifth anniversary of Ontario being designated a “have not” province.  The next fiscal year will be the 5th straight year Ontario has received equalization payments.


“From the economic engine of Canada and a net contributor to the equalization fund, the Liberals have made us into a recipient” – said MPP McDonell. “They did this by destroying our tax base through policies that forced business closures and job-creators to other provinces or countries, reduced Ontarians’ disposable incomes due to galloping energy costs and taxes, and punished success and growth.”


The equalization fund is administered by the Federal Government to assist provinces with a smaller tax-raising capacity to fund public services. Until the 2009 fiscal year, Ontario was the only Province to never have received any equalization payments.


“The Liberals took the manufacturing, innovation and research hub of Canada and put 600,000 Ontarians out of work” – continued MPP McDonell. “We can do better and the Ontario PCs have a comprehensive plan to restore Ontario to its once prominent position as the economic engine of Canada. The Liberals can either show a plan of their own or steal ours – we won’t mind.  The people of Ontario deserve action now and this government is showing no intention of either working to get spending under control or putting the interests and needs of Ontarians first.”