Ontarians to pass $20,000 per capita debt threshold in 2014

November 7, 2013

QUEEN’S PARK – “Finance Minister Sousa’s Fall Economic Statement was a perfect opportunity for the Liberals to show the Province they have a plan to bring Ontario back on track to prosperity” – said MPP Jim McDonell. “Instead we see, buried in the back pages of the accompanying booklet, that each and every Ontarian will owe more than $20,000 in debt due to Liberal mismanagement.”


The Fall Economic Statement is a symbolic annual 15-minute statement by the Minister of Finance designed to give the House an update on the Province’s financial situation and the government’s economic direction.


“Spending is up in 18 ministries, Ontarians will pay $18 million more in electricity debt retirement charges, $61 million more in Government fees and licenses and the now useless Drive Clean program is here to stay” – continued MPP Jim McDonell. “This Government has no direction but tinkering at the edges. They insist on picking winners and losers, when the real way to encourage small business and enterprise in Ontario is to get off their backs. Cut unnecessary regulation, abolish unnecessary bureaucracies, stop punishing success and growth – these are the bold steps needed to kick-start our economy.”


“We offered the Government to clear the decks of legislation that enjoyed cross-party support and cluttered the order paper, so that the Liberals could focus on presenting and debating a real jobs plan for Ontario” – concluded MPP McDonell. “We saw no significant, measurable commitment in the Fall Economic Statement to that effect. Six hundred thousand Ontarians are still out of work, businesses are still closing their doors or moving out of province and energy prices are still climbing. When will this Liberal Government wake up and start doing what’s right for Ontarians?”