Canada’s Debt Going Down While Ontario’s Continues to Climb

November 14, 2013

CORNWALL – “While the Federal government expects budget surpluses in the near future, the Ontario liberals continue their deficit spending and ignore the need to bring Ontario’s finances back on to a sustainable footing” – MPP Jim McDonell said today. “Ontario’s deficit will soon double that of the entire federal government. This threatens our ability to invest in the public services we cherish and which Ontarians expect us to deliver today and in the future.”


Don Drummond remarked in his 2012 report that an increasing debt burden will place Ontario in a situation where decision-making could be driven by creditor concerns rather than the interests and will of lawmakers. The Federal Government expects a $3.7 billion surplus in 2015.


“The Wynne government is doing all it can to work against the gains achieved at the federal level” – MPP McDonell continued. “The people of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry deserve a provincial government that can manage its own finances, put jobs first and welcome businesses that will create opportunities for our young people. It’s time to set Ontario up for success by changing the team that leads this province.”