Liberals to Hike Energy Cost in Near Future – Again

December 3, 2013

QUEEN’S PARK– Yesterday, Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli outlined the Province’s Long-Term-Energy Plan (LTEP), which committed Ontario to buying more surplus power from subsidized solar and wind sources.


“The Government is doubling down on the failed McGuinty policies that landed us with the highest hydro rates in North America,” said MPP Jim McDonell. “The Liberals’ willful ignorance of the consequences of their energy policies on Ontario’s economy is staggering. Hydro bills will rise by at least $400 a year for families that are already struggling, and even more for businesses that provide jobs to our citizens.  Our businesses are questioning whether they can still afford to do business in Ontario, and far too often, we are seeing them relocate to our neighbouring provinces and states.”


The LTEP predicts an overall 42% increase in hydro rates over the next five years.


“The costs calculated by the LTEP do not include the ratepayer’s share of the power plant cancellation costs – around $200 per household” – continued MPP McDonell. “This Liberal Government is costing us money, jobs, credibility and our future. The Liberal spin on this file is absolutely misleading to Ontarians.  It is time to change the team that leads Ontario to ensure our residents can afford to light and heat their homes, and that their employers are given a fair opportunity to compete in this competitive global market.  Ontario has lost 28,000 net good-paying manufacturing jobs since Kathleen Wynne became Premier last February and 300,000 since the liberal government came to power ten years ago.  Ontario’s situation is becoming critical. If we want to be able to continue to afford the health care and quality of life that we deserve in this province, change has to begin now.”