Liberals to Go On a $5.7 Billion Spending Spree

April 1, 2014

QUEEN’S PARK – Leaked documents confirm the Liberal Government intends to announce $5.7 billion in new spending over the course of the next month. A schedule for the announcements over the month of April shows planned spending in developmental services, highways in Guelph and business subsidies. A “Drummond update” is also expected on April 3rd.

“In the middle of a criminal investigation that is engulfing the Premier’s office and the Liberal Party, the Government chooses to engage in a month-long media campaign to shore up support with taxpayer’s money and change the channel” – MPP McDonell commented. “Line items such as the highway announcement in Guelph carry the comment ‘Project initially announced in 2012. New investment provides an opportunity for a progress announcement’. This is neither responsible nor transparent budgeting. The Ministry of Finance’s bureaucrats know the Liberals’ deficit reduction plans are pie in the sky, rather a tangible path. They are ignoring, or outright rejecting many of Don Drummond’s recommendations, such as stopping corporate welfare, LHIN reform and competition in energy procurement”

The announcements are to include $500,000 in senior funding, commercial energy discounts, $2.5 billion in corporate subsidies and additional funding for developmental services.

“What they seem to give with one hand, they’ve already taken away with the other” – MPP McDonell continued. “Developmental services spending grew by over 60% yet the waitlists are unreasonably long and many vulnerable Ontarians are falling through the cracks. Many seniors have also seen their physiotherapy, diabetes and cataract care cut dramatically. Our century-old agricultural college is closing, however the Government can always find $6 billion to spare when it suits them.”

The Ontario PC Caucus became aware of a team within the Liberal caucus dubbed the “Budget Leak Team”, tasked with releasing information related to the 2014 budget in sync with the Government’s communication plan.

“This Government refuses to tackle their runaway waste that is endangering our public services” – MPP McDonell concluded. “Instead of setting us on a path to fiscal sustainability and responsible financial management, they subordinate their work on the Budget to their own political point-scoring. Money wasted through useless bureaucracy and a culture of unaccountable management could be better used to deliver improved services to all Ontarians, but the Government seems to willfully ignore this obvious priority. It is astonishing”