Will Kathleen Wynne Allow Key Gas Plant Testimony?

April 15, 2014

QUEEN’S PARK –Under intense questioning in the Legislature, Premier Kathleen Wynne told the House that as she took over the Premier’s office, she gave no direction to the former Chief of Staff, David Livingston, regarding preserving documents related to the gas plants or any other government record.

“This is beyond belief” – said MPP Jim McDonell. “Kathleen Wynne expects us to believe that, as she transitioned into the office of the Premier and as Leader of the Liberal Party, rocked by the gas plant investigations, she did not issue any direction to preserve or delete the very documents the investigation was concerned with. This ‘see nothing, hear nothing’ approach is unbecoming of the Premier of Canada’s largest Province. Let’s be clear, these records were deliberately and illegally destroyed to keep Ontario taxpayers from finding the truth.”

Recent revelations highlighted the alleged role of Peter Faist, partner of senior Dalton McGuinty staffer Laura Miller, in deleting Government records from Premier’s Office hard drives using an all-access administrator password. Both Miller and Faist are working outside the Province, which takes them outside the jurisdiction of a Speaker’s Warrant.

“The Liberal Government has another trick they can use to avoid accountability” – MPP Jim McDonell continued. “The two staffers are scheduled to present to the Committee in May, after the Budget is tabled. This gives Kathleen Wynne the excuse to dissolve the Legislature before the Committee can interrogate these two important witnesses, killing the investigation. This would be a cynical manipulation of our parliamentary procedures”.

The Premier maintains she did not give any direction to David Livingston, the former Chief of Staff, as he served under the outgoing Premier Dalton McGuinty.

“Ultimately, you’re the Premier and the buck stops with you” – MPP McDonell concluded. “A real leader would have seized the initiative and pro-actively ordered the keeping of all Government records pertaining to an ongoing investigation. Her admission of doing nothing does not make her innocent – it makes her incompetent. Will she allow Faist and Miller to testify, or will she gamble all and call an election before these key witnesses appear before the Committee just to bury the testimony?”