Ontarians Worse Off With Liberal Budget

May 1, 2014

QUEEN’S PARK – The Ontario Government tabled its 2014 Budget today.

“It is a classical tax-and-spend Budget where they are trying to buy our votes with our own money” – MPP McDonell commented. “The deficit is increasing and is now more than three times the total of all the other provinces combined.  The Liberals have more than doubled our debt since they came to power, making our interest payments $11 billion per year. That is almost $1,000 per man, woman and child in Ontario, per year. Imagine what your family could achieve with that much more disposable income in your pocket.”

The Budget predicts a growth in Government tax revenue from $115.7 billion to $129.4 billion over 3 years; however the annual deficit is expected to increase as well.

“How can this Government raise more money and still get deeper into debt faster?” – MPP McDonell continued. “It’s simple economics: you cannot continue to spend more money than you are taking in. Ontarians can see right through the Liberal spin. Their job plan is $2.5 billion in corporate welfare, while their energy rate policy is only a focus on telling businesses how to save energy, instead of tackling high hydro rates head-on for all Ontarians. Residential consumers will see no benefit whatsoever: rates are forecast to grow another 42% over five years, and experience a further 10% overnight jump when the Clean Energy Benefit is abolished. There is furthermore no commitment to abolish the Debt Retirement Charge – it is just a “proposal”. This is no way to govern a Province”.

Some of the tax measures include a higher income tax on select high earners, further reductions in the amounts of Training and Apprenticeship Tax Credits, more than doubling the aviation fuel tax and continued cuts to the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund, hurting our municipalities even further.

“While the Liberals claim a towering $11.5 billion deficit as a success, the economic situation is not encouraging” – MPP McDonell stated. “Businesses like Heinz and John Deere can no longer compete in Ontario and have moved to our neighbouring states and provinces, taking their jobs with them.   The Liberal plan is to bribe them with cash to stay, but this only makes it harder for the rest of the businesses in Ontario who are paying for the suitcases of cash.  Construction declined in 2013, with non-residential construction experiencing an 8% drop.  It’s time to stop the bleeding and put a jobs plan forward that will actually work.”

“This Budget doesn’t do anything for Ontarians who can’t find a job and can’t pay their rising electricity bills and feed their families” – MPP McDonell concluded. “It is a purely political tax-and-spend exercise that digs us deeper into a debt hole that we’ll find harder and harder to climb out of. It’s time for action and our leader Tim Hudak has a plan to turn this province around”