MPP Jim McDonell Appointed Children & Youth Services Critic

July 7, 2014

CORNWALL – MPP Jim McDonell received new critic portfolio roles following the appointment of Jim Wilson MPP as Interim Leader of the Ontario PC Party.

In the critic shuffle, MPP McDonell was named as Critic for Children & Youth Services, with responsibility for the Poverty Reduction Strategy.

“Our interim Leader, Jim Wilson, recognized that our region requires a strong focus on childhood achievement and early development” – MPP McDonell commented. “Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry is the best place to call home and raise a family due to our strong community spirit and access to community learning and support resources. It is important, however, to build on this foundation and bring forward policies that will ensure no resident falls through cracks in the system. Many constituents come to my office for advice because their children can’t access essential services such as education support or see their basic needs met. I will work tirelessly to ensure all constituents, especially our younger generation, can access the services and support they need.”

Earlier this year, MPP Jim McDonell co-hosted a community consultation regarding Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy with the Social Development Council of SD&G and the House of Lazarus.

“The Government’s consultation process did not include a meeting in our region despite the particular challenges we face” – MPP McDonell explained. “Our round-table discussion brought forward several ideas for the Province to improve its poverty reduction efforts, including greater investment in early childhood development. Childhood outcomes and the risk of poverty are tightly linked and I am pleased our Leader decided to merge the responsibilities to reflect this”.