MPP Jim McDonell Raises Local Jobs Issues in Queen’s Park

July 16, 2014

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jim McDonell believes Cornwall and SD&G have all the necessary factors to attract businesses to the region, and is calling the Liberal Government to task over failing to raise the Province’s overall competitiveness.


“In the span of just 5 months, three companies announced the upcoming closure of their Cornwall operations due to consolidation” – MPP McDonell explained. “The Liberals like to blame the federal government and the world economy for all our economic challenges, however the high cost of hydro across Ontario and the increasing burden of red tape are a deterrent to businesses. Consolidation can go both ways – our region offers many businesses the opportunity to easily expand their operations and access a highly skilled and experienced workforce. Our strategic logistical location has been recognized by many enterprises. If this Government focused on making Ontario competitive, our region’s efforts to grow wouldn’t be so hampered”.


During Question Period, MPP McDonell demanded that the Minister of Economic Development focus on hydro rates and regulation that are driving up the cost of doing business in Ontario. He also chided the Government’s approach of subsidizing businesses to entice them to stay in Ontario.


“When the Province is competitive and attractive to business, enterprises bring their money to Ontario, not the other way round” – MPP McDonell commented. “The Liberals’ culture of corporate handouts hasn’t changed Ontario’s unemployment record – 90 consecutive months above the national average. Our region is a clear example that Ontario has what it takes to achieve growth and innovation. It is up to the Liberals to remove the roadblocks they’ve put in place themselves. Ontarians deserve stable good paying jobs”.