Continued Liberal IT Failures Endangering Ontario’s Children

January 5, 2015

Cornwall, ON – The Liberal government does not expect to be able to implement a digital information system for Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies until 2020, contrary to the 2016 target date recommended by the Baldwin inquiry.


“This is further evidence that neither Premier Wynne nor Minister Tracy MacCharles place any priority on the lives and well-being of Ontario’s most vulnerable children,” Ontario PC critic for Children and Youth Services Jim McDonell commented. “Up-to-date and accessible information is vital in order for CAS professionals to carry out their duties properly and respond to children’s needs in a timely and appropriate manner. This 4-year delay places many children in need at risk”.


The government’s record on implementing information technology includes but is not limited to:


  • $2 billion spent on E-Health without any tangible results to date.


  • $11.5 million (projected) for creating a new prosecutorial information system, which, according to the Auditor-General, the Ontario government could have purchased from Manitoba for a symbolic sum of $1 as Alberta did.


  • $240 million for Social Assistance Management System (SAMS), which failed to deliver proper payments to vulnerable Ontarians.


“This Liberal government focuses on hiring expensive consultants rather than developing effective solutions for managing case work,” MPP McDonell stated. “They refuse to learn from their mistakes. They want to re-invent the wheel instead of adopting best practices and solutions from wherever they have been successfully implemented. The private sector would never stand for these delays and cost over-runs. While the Liberal government continues to reward incompetence and procrastination with contracts and consulting work, children and frontline workers still lack the tools that the Baldwin inquiry recommended be provided to them to help prevent similar tragedies in the future.”