MPP McDonell Demands Premier Show Integrity

February 25, 2015



QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jim McDonell rose during Question Period today to demand the Premier fire her Deputy Chief of Staff Patricia Sorbara and Sudbury Police Services Board Chair Gerry Lougheed Jr over allegations of bribery during the Sudbury by-election.


“The Chief Electoral Officer of Ontario has never had to investigate a bribery allegation, let alone issue a report stating that in his view, a contravention of the Bribery provisions of the Elections Act had occurred” – MPP McDonell commented. “By allegedly offering former Liberal candidate Andrew Olivier a public appointment in exchange for him not running for the Liberal nomination in Sudbury, the Liberal operatives would have contravened the Elections Act. The OPP is already investigating this matter and it has been referred by Elections Ontario to the Attorney General for prosecution. This scandal brings disrepute on our democratic institutions and the public appointment process. The Premier must do the right thing and remove Patricia Sorbara and Gerry Lougheed Jr from the public payroll until these serious allegations are resolved.”


MPP McDonell and his Caucus colleagues launched a petition for the Premier to show integrity and dismiss the two operatives involved in the scandal.


“As I said in Question Period, we shouldn’t have to remind the Premier of Ontario to do the right thing” – MPP McDonell stated. “Thousands of Ontarians have signed the petition requesting Kathleen Wynne to rid herself of publicly paid party operatives who have been caught on tape appearing to offer a patronage bribe to a prospective candidate. By refusing to do so, Kathleen Wynne drags her own office and the entire Legislature into the mud. This has to stop”


The online version of the petition is available at, a copy can be downloaded from MPP Jim McDonell’s Petitions page Hard copies are also available at the Cornwall constituency office.