Electricity Rates to Jump by 14%

April 22, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Ontario electricity ratepayers will be stung by a 14% rate hike on May 1 as Hydro One’s peak and mid-peak prices increase to 14 cents per kWh and 12.2 cents per kWh.


“Residents of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry can’t afford the unjustifiably high hydro rates being charged today, let alone pay for further increases” MPP McDonell commented. “Ontario has the highest rates in North America – businesses are finding our province less competitive, unaffordable to do business in and they are leaving. We heard Liberal empty promises about helping alleviate poverty and new assistance programs for ratepayers, however these continuing rate increases completely offset any extra transfers ratepayers could have received”.


The projected sale of Hydro One assets, the new Cap-and-Trade carbon pricing system and subsidies to wind and solar producers are likely to add extra costs to an average Ontarian’s bill.


“The Government’s plan to sell off Hydro One and divert the proceeds to pet projects rather than paying off Hydro’s debt will leave Ontario ratepayers with even more cost on their bills” MPP McDonell stated. “The Government needs to stop wasting money and immediately scrap their plans for a fire sale of Hydro one and their planned carbon tax. Ontarians can’t afford Liberal waste any longer. When will the Liberals realize enough is enough?”