Liberal Government Cuts $54 Million from Healthcare

April 30, 2015



QUEEN’S PARK – The Provincial Government has cut its contribution to health care spending by $54 million in the latest Budget, despite the Conservative Government in Ottawa increasing their share through Federal Health Transfer by 5.2%.


“It’s unbelievable that Premier Wynne would complain about the Federal Health Transfer growth and then cut Ontario’s share of the healthcare budget when demand in the health system is forecast to increase by more than 4%,” MPP Jim McDonell commented. “Where did $54 million of Federal Health Transfer money go? In our region, hospitals are having to cut beds and hold the line on patient services due to stagnating budgets, while home care agencies are cutting clients. This money could have funded 9,000 long-term care beds. Where did the Liberal Government divert this funding to?”


The Auditor-General stated on previous occasions that increasing debt interest payments would crowd out essential services such as health care and education. In the 2015 Budget, interest payments on debt have increased by 6.8% – the fastest growing Government expenditure.


“The Ontario Government receives 26% of its healthcare spending from the Federal Harper Government, substantially higher than the 13% share under the former Martin Liberals,” MPP Jim McDonell stated. “Instead of blaming someone else, the Wynne Liberals can only blame themselves for this year’s 6.8% increase in the cost of interest on our debt, which has doubled since they took over in 2003. The Federal Government provides strong support for Ontario’s health system, increasing the Health Transfer by 5.2% this year. Rather than follow the Federal example of fiscal prudence and good government, the Liberals divert health funding away from patients. This is unacceptable.”