MPP McDonell Welcomes TARION Review

November 5, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jim McDonell, PC Critic for Government and Consumer Services, welcomed today’s announcement by Minister Orazietti that a review team will be appointed to review the TARION warranty corporation and the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.


“TARION’s task is to guarantee families’ largest investment – their home,” MPP McDonell commented. “It is important that the agency maintain consumers’ confidence in the soundness of their new home and has procedures in place to resolve complaints transparently and efficiently.”


Every builder of new homes must be registered with TARION. Consumers can submit claims to TARION regarding defects in their new homes up to seven years after construction, depending on circumstances.


“A review of TARION is overdue,” MPP McDonell stated. “I expect the review to be conducted by experts and to listen to all stakeholders, including consumer advocacy groups; many of whom have approached my PC Caucus colleagues and me over the years, highlighting the need for reform at TARION. Their voices must be heard, as well as those of builders who create our new homes and give families the opportunity to step on the property ladder.”


One of the most recurring demands for reform is to extend Ombudsman oversight to TARION.


“If the Government’s record on making authorities in the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services accountable is any indication, this will be an uphill fight” MPP McDonell stated. “They are creating a Condo Authority as we speak, and they have shielded it from the Ombudsman and from legislative review. This is not a good start”


The review is scheduled to continue until June 30th, 2016.