Public and Political Outrage Force Liberals’ U-Turn on Land Transfer Tax

December 1, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Weeks of advocacy work by PC MPP Steve Clark, the Ontario Real Estate Association and Ontarians outraged by the prospect of a planned expansion of the Municipal Land Transfer Tax have forced a dramatic U-turn from the Liberal Government.


Earlier in Question Period, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing reversed the Government’s course and announced that no expansion of the Municipal Land Transfer Tax would take place.


“After weeks of dodging our demands to rule out this proposed tax on home sales, the Liberal government finally gave in to public pressure today” remarked MPP Jim McDonell. “Ontarians are tired of paying through the nose in taxes, fees and service cuts to pay for this Liberal Government’s mistakes. E-mails have been flooding into my office from homeowners, realtors and residents hoping to purchase a home, opposing the Government’s plans to balance the books on their backs. Municipal Land Transfer Tax expansion would have hit the construction and real estate industries and driven up the cost for young families to step onto the property ladder.”


MPP Steve Clark introduced a motion for the Legislature to oppose the Municipal Land Transfer Tax expansion, which was scheduled to be debated this Thursday. MPP Clark will now call another item of Private Members’ Business for debate.


“It shouldn’t take weeks of public outrage to get sensible action from this Government” MPP McDonell stated. “New and higher taxes are not the answer to the fiscal problems facing the Province, and the Liberals have been repeatedly told so. It is time they listened and acted on that advice.”