MPP Hardeman Reminds Minister of Finance of Municipalities’ Needs

February 22, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Ernie Hardeman, PC Critic for Municipal Affairs and Housing, delivered a letter to Finance Minister Charles Sousa regarding the Liberal Government’s record of cutting municipal support programs such as the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund and Connecting Links while expecting municipalities to increase taxation in order to make up the shortfall in anticipation of this week’s Budget.


“Ontario’s municipalities are seeing their insurance rates rise, a growing red tape burden and their tax base being eroded through high hydro rates that drive away commercial and industrial taxpayers” MPP McDonell commented. “At the same time, the Provincial Government is reducing the amount of stable funding available to municipal governments. This stretches municipal budgets even thinner, preventing municipalities from delivering the level of service that residents have paid for and deserve. It is time for the Liberal Government to actually listen to municipalities and treat them as partners – the ROMA/OGRA conference happening in Toronto this week is the perfect opportunity for the Liberals to begin reversing their damaging course.”


The Budget will be delivered on Thursday and debate will continue during the next few weeks.