Liberals Make Ontarians Pay for Government’s Mismanagement

February 25, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – Seniors will have to pay 70% more for their drug plan deductible and the cost of filling prescriptions will rise by $1 across the board. These are just two of the provisions of the Ontario 2016 Budget.


“This Budget attempts to balance the books on the back of Ontarians”, MPP McDonell commented. “The Liberals are cancelling the Education Tax Credit and they won’t implement the promised Tuition Grant until 2017-2018, the full amount of which 70% of students won’t qualify for anyway. Taxes are rising on alcohol, tobacco, home heating fuel, gasoline and other goods. The cap-and-trade carbon tax will impose new costs on families which can already ill afford them, including the most vulnerable. Vehicle registration fees and other fee revenue is projected to increase – meaning we’ll pay more to access services we’ve built with our tax dollars. The Liberals are raking up more and more debt that Ontarians will have to repay through higher taxes and significantly reduced services. The growing debt servicing costs are taking money directly out of our health, education, social service and community safety budgets just to name a few”.


“During the local pre-Budget consultations held in Cornwall and Morrisburg, residents and businesses said clearly they wanted to see a focus on delivering more front-line health services, reducing the cost of living by reducing energy costs and trimming taxes and waste at all levels of Government” MPP McDonell stated. “Local municipalities complain of being given a death by a thousand downloads, due to an increasingly bankrupt provincial government offloading the cost of their failures onto municipalities whose tax base and ability to provide services are eroding because of anti-business provincial policies and a growing burden of red tape. The Budget addresses none of these concerns”


On Wednesday, the PC Caucus submitted an Opposition Day Motion calling upon the Government to deliver three asks from the budget: a commitment to protecting healthcare services, a commitment to bring down energy prices and a credible plan to reduce debt and balance the budget.


“Ontarians expect us, as legislators, to act in their interest and be good stewards of the public services Ontarians paid for and deserve” MPP McDonell stated. “The Liberals and New Democrats disagree, since they both voted against our Opposition Day Motion for a Budget focused on Ontarians’ needs. I can now see why – the Liberals are diverting funds from all available sources, cutting Ontarians’ access to prescription drugs and coming up with new cash grabs to make their figures look good.”