MPP McDonell Stands Up for North Stormont Residents

March 10, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – In the wake of the news that the Independent Electricity System Operator approved a 100MW wind turbine project in North Stormont, MPP Jim McDonell questioned the Minister of Energy on the Government’s empty commitment to listen to municipalities and their residents.


“Just before I asked my question, the Liberals said they listened to municipalities” MPP McDonell stated. “They clearly didn’t. The people of North Stormont and the Township of North Stormont said a clear NO to wind farms in their township, rejecting the $9 million incentive offered by the developer in exchange for municipal support. This approval makes a mockery of due process and consultation.”


The Minister refused to address the issue in his answers.


“I won’t let this slide” MPP McDonell retorts. “I have filed a Notice of Dissatisfaction with his answer this morning and the Minister will have to answer me a week from Tuesday in detail. The people of North Stormont deserve a voice when the Government denies them one”.


Two renewable energy projects were approved in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry: EDP Renewables’ Nation Rise Wind Farm in North Stormont and EDF’s Barlow Solar Project in South Stormont.


“The community’s options for enforcing their democratic will regarding the future of their land and environment are getting fewer and fewer” MPP McDonell stated. “I will continue to work with the local community and municipal representatives to provide guidance on further appeals and remedies regarding the North Stormont Wind project”.