Liberal Budget Bill Makes Ontarians’ Lives Less Affordable

April 13, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – The majority liberal Government passed its Budget Bill today without the support of the Official Opposition or the Third Party.


“The Liberals rejected all opposition amendments to the budget Bill that would have preserved tax credits Ontarians rely on and strengthened accountability measures around the current Government’s planned cash grabs” MPP McDonell commented. “The Liberals have claimed that revenues from initiatives such as the Hydro One Sale and Cap-and-Trade would be earmarked for certain projects. However the budget document is clear, as we see this new found cash simply added to general revenue to make the deficit appear lower. It’s a slush fund, plain and simple.”


The Budget Bill implements several items of new legislation, including enabling provisions regarding the planned Cap-and-Trade carbon pricing system.


“Under the Liberals’ watch, Ontarians’ lives are becoming less affordable and public services are being cut”, MPP McDonell stated. “This Budget makes life in Ontario more expensive without any relief in sight for families, seniors or businesses. I am proud to have had no part in passing this budget as it’s making life harder and more unaffordable for Ontarians”.