Liberal Government Fights Climate Change by Dumping Millions into California Economy

May 11, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – The Liberal Government’s cap-and-trade plan for Ontario is to dump $300-million a year into the California economy.

It was revealed that by 2020, Ontario companies will be forced to buy emissions allowances from California at the cost of $300-million. By 2030, the increased cost of allowances could see Ontario spending nearly $3-billion per year on California based allowances.

“The government could be fighting climate change by investing in Ontario. Instead I’ve learned the Liberals think the best way to fight climate change is by sending hundreds of millions of dollars to California,” said Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown during Question Period. “Where is that money coming from? It’s being paid by Ontario businesses and families.”

The Ontario PC Caucus put forward a number of amendments to fix loopholes in the legislation so that it would more effectively tackle climate change within the province. Unfortunately, the Liberal majority voted them all down. The PCs remain committed to a revenue neutral plan.

“Environment Minister Glen Murray has said that the Liberals’ cap-and-trade scheme will cost Ontario families and businesses ‘a lot of money,’ yet he won’t say how much,” said MPP Lisa Thompson, the PC Caucus’ Environment and Climate Change Critic, after Question Period. “With billions of dollars now slated to be shipped to California, we know that this scheme will drive up the cost of everything. It’s time for the Liberals to come clean and disclose the total cost impact on families and businesses.”

“Unsatisfied with just wasting Ontarians’ money, the Liberal Government plans to actively funnel capital away from the Province,” MPP McDonell (Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry) stated. “Ontario has to reduce its electricity rates, its cost of doing business and the regulatory burden in order to be competitive. The Liberals are doing the exact opposite, squeezing capital out of our economy and shipping it elsewhere. This is a recipe to make life a whole lot more expensive and for killing economic growth in this province for ever.”