Liberals’ Cap-and-Trade Plan an Attack on Our Industry and Way of Life

May 16, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – The implementation plan of the Ontario Government’s Cap-and-Trade scheme, obtained by the Globe and Mail, sheds light on the deep and expensive changes the Government wishes to impose in the Province at the taxpayer’s expense.


“The Liberals intend to plough $7 billion into various policy schemes that will not benefit consumers and result in an increase in the cost of all goods and fuels” MPP McDonell stated. “The planned removal of the choice of natural gas heating will cost families $3000 per year as the cost of electric heating skyrockets. A further tax on gasoline will hit commuters and the transportation industry. It is nothing but a wealth transfer on a massive scale from low or middle income Ontarians to wealthier residents who can, for instance, afford to buy a new electric vehicle.”


Under the plan, buyers of electric vehicles will be eligible for $14,000 taxpayer-funded rebates, while the GO Train system can expect $354 million for electrification and increased service.


“These policies are designed to tax Ontarians outside larger cities for the benefit of those living in denser areas” MPP McDonell stated. “Another example is the planned free electricity giveaway for overnight electrical vehicle charging. We know our Province has an electricity surplus and it is cheaper to give it away than sell it to our neighbours at a loss. The Liberals’ plan, however, ignores all those Ontarians who could benefit from free night-time electricity for the sake of the few who can own and use an electric vehicle – it makes no sense.”


MPP Lisa Thompson, PC Environment Critic, stated: ““The Liberal cap-and-trade cash-grab amounts to an attack on our way of life in Ontario and on the natural gas, petroleum and auto industries. After losing 350,000 good, well-paying manufacturing jobs, the Liberals have made it quite clear they are prepared to kill even more jobs, and send more Ontario companies south of the border. The affordability of life in Ontario and the health of our economy hang in the balance. If the Liberals continue with their reckless cap-and-trade scheme – the cost of everything in this province will go up and more hardworking Ontarians will be thrown out of work. That is why Ontarians must act now to stop this scheme before it’s too late.”


“When will this Liberal government do what is best for Ontarians?” MPP Jim McDonell concluded.