Liberal Government Wastes Money and Makes Ontarians Pay

May 18, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – This day in the Legislature was marked by the release of two damning reports regarding the Government’s management of the education collective bargaining file and into Ontario’s unsustainable financial path, as well as by the forced passage of the Cap-and-Trade bill without allowing further debate at Third Reading.


According to the Auditor-General, of the $80 million handed out to education sector unions $22 million had no receipts or any supporting documentation. “While unions are offered massive payouts out of taxpayers’ money, the Government plans to cut special education funding to school boards across Ontario by $22.5 million” MPP McDonell commented. “Throwing away $22 million meant for our children most in need is despicable”.


In addition to the Auditor-General’s report, the Financial Accountability Officer (FAO) released a report into Ontario’s long term fiscal outlook. The FAO states that the Government’s fiscal plan is “not evenly balanced” and forecasts further deficits, contrary to the Government’s rosy predictions.


“Long story short: the Liberals are spinning their best-case scenario with no regard as to how feasible it is to achieve” MPP McDonell stated. “The PC Caucus has been correct all along in saying that this Government has no credible plan to balance the budget and avoid the Province a further slide into debt. The Government’s closest friends and donors benefit from special treatment including undocumented public money payouts. Meanwhile, Ontario children in need are seeing support programs cut, households are expected to pony up an extra $3000 a year for electric heating instead of affordable natural gas, hydro rates have increased by 320% since they came to power, commuters will be hit by a rise in fuel prices due to the Cap-and-Trade bill and businesses are expected to pay California $3 billion a year by 2030 for carbon offsets. There’s a pattern: Liberals waste, you and I pay. The Government are making a mockery of their duty to act in the public’s best interest.”