2016 Ontario Senior Achievement Award

May 25, 2016

CORNWALL – The Province of Ontario is now accepting nominations for the Seniors’ Achievement Award. Each year, the Award recognizes Ontarians who have made significant contributions to their communities and the Province after the age of 65. MPP Jim McDonell is encouraging residents of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry to nominate remarkable seniors by the June 15th deadline.


“Seniors helped build our Province, but their involvement doesn’t stop at retirement,” MPP McDonell commented. “Local seniors continue to contribute to their communities through countless initiatives such as volunteer work, charity and holding local offices. They make our communities better, safer, wiser and more caring. Through the Seniors’ Achievement Award, the Province expresses our collective gratitude to those who never stopped building a better community for themselves, their families and their neighbours.”


“As we celebrate seniors who continue making a difference in their community and in Ontario, we must continue to make our communities and Province a better place to age,” MPP McDonell concluded. “By helping them preserve their health, mobility and independence we empower seniors to dedicate their resources to their passions, their family and to the community. As Ontario’s senior population is projected to increase, it is important for governments and communities to focus on helping provide and maintain seniors’ independence and quality of life by ensuring access to services such as quality health care, affordable housing and other services which are more responsive to seniors’ needs. With these initiatives, our seniors can continue to achieve great things.”


Nomination packages and guidelines can be accessed at http://www.citizenship.gov.on.ca/english/citizenship/honours/saa.shtml and the nomination deadline is June 15, 2016.