MPP McDonell Demands Government Invest in Accessible, Assisted Living and Long-Term Care

May 27, 2016

CORNWALL – MPP Jim McDonell is calling upon the Ontario Government to step up to the plate and focus on ensuring Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry is has a sufficient supply of accessible and assisted living options for community members who need them.


“The Ontario Government has failed seniors and other Ontarians in need of accessible and supported living” MPP McDonell stated. “By failing to invest in appropriate levels of accessible housing, assisted living and long-term care supply, they have caused our region to have the worst wait times in Ontario. Long-term care beds are occupied by people who can’t return to their non-accessible home, but could have their needs more comfortably looked after at a lower cost in an assisted living facility. Looking after our seniors and disabled residents is not a one-size-fits-all process. Ensuring a sufficient supply of accessible living units are available allows one to live independently and safer longer, and lessens demand on more expensive assisted living units which, if available, free up our scarce long-term care and complex care beds. Home care services have been cut while, at the same time, the Government cancelled the Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit, one of the few tax reliefs available to Ontarians who want to maintain their independence in their own home. Waiting lists for assisted living are unacceptably long and the facilities have limited funding for the clients they already serve”.


Assisted and accessible living arrangements can help Ontarians stay healthy, avoid emergency room visits and increase their community participation.


“Every resident is a valuable member of our community, regardless of age or disabilities” MPP McDonell added. “The Government must step up and provide the necessary investment and incentives to ensure anyone in need of supported and accessible living arrangements can obtain them. New developments centered around these priorities are an excellent solution – the Government must take action to make them a reality”.




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Marilyn McMahon-Ayerst

Executive Assistant