New Gloss – Same Old Liberals

September 12, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – The Ontario Government set the agenda for the new legislative session in its Speech From the Throne following a brief prorogation last week. The Throne Speech contained references to childcare spaces, HST rebates on home electricity bills, health spending and infrastructure.

“The Liberals’ promises are just smoke and mirrors” MPP McDonell said. “They destroyed Ontarians’ access to affordable local childcare with their ill-advised Bill 10 reform, making their promise of extra childcare hollow. Half-measures on electricity bills tinker at the edges of the problem rather than tackling the root causes of rising electricity bills – over-payment for unneeded energy, deliberate disdain for expert advice in the energy sector and spectacular waste at Hydro One. In healthcare, Ontarians have seen their access to services such as physiotherapy and family doctors cut, long-term care services are insufficient to meet growing demand while hospitals have laid off nurses and closed beds due to stagnant funding. The Government’s infrastructure spending plans have been re-announced for years on end and are dependent on the sell-off of key, profitable government assets such as Hydro One – this is not a way to govern a Province”.

Recent statements by the Government spoke of electricity rates as an “urgent issue”.

“It’s urgent only when the Liberals lose seats over it, as they did in Scarborough-Rouge River” MPP McDonell commented. “Ontarians have been subject to skyrocketing electricity bill costs for years but their complaints fell on deaf ears. When the Auditor-General revealed last fall that the Liberal Government’s energy policies had been enacted against the advice of independent government agencies such as the OEB and IESO, they simply changed the legislation this spring to exclude experts’ ability to comment on future policies altogether. The Government continues to authorize new, unneeded generation from over-paid wind and solar industrial suppliers, driving extra charges on our hydro bills even higher. After the broken promises, scandals, waste and OPP investigations in her office, does Premier Wynne really expect Ontarians to trust her with reforming the energy file?”