MPP Jim McDonell to Debate Motion for Ontario Drivers

September 19, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jim McDonell will stand up for all Ontario drivers this Thursday. During Private Members’ Business time in the Legislature, he will call forward the following motion for debate:

In the opinion of this House, the Ministry of Transportation should institute a five business day service guarantee for re-instating drivers’ licenses suspended for medical reasons following certification by a physician that the person is fit to drive.

 “Public safety concerns make it necessary to suspend a person’s license if a medical professional believes them to be unsafe on the road” MPP McDonell explained. “This process takes mere hours. Once a physician confirms the individual to be able to drive, however, the Ministry of Transportation reserves the right to sit on the file for 30 business days, or six weeks, before handing the license back. This is ridiculous and unjustifiable. If it takes hours to suspend a license on a physician’s advice, it should take less than a week to reinstate the license based on the same.”

In order for the motion to pass, the Government needs to either abstain or vote in favour.

“The Government only listens when they know there is a province-wide backlash” MPP McDonell commented. “People in rural areas such as Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry depend on their driver’s license. They need it in order to work, attend medical appointments, get groceries, take care of their families and participate in community life. Our office has received constituents who were on the verge of losing their job because of this indefensible policy.  Ontario doesn’t end at Toronto Transit’s last stop. I encourage all residents to call or e-mail the Minister of Transportation voicing their support for my resolution.”

Residents may contact the Honourable Steven Del Duca, Minister of Transportation, by calling 416-327-9200 or e-mailing