MPP Jim McDonell Demands Better Service for Ontario Drivers

September 22, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jim McDonell questioned the Government today, demanding a commitment to serve Ontario drivers better through faster service at the Medical Review Section of the department.

“Ontarians whose licenses have been suspended for medical reasons shouldn’t wait six weeks after their physicians have cleared them to have their licenses back” MPP McDonell explained. “Yet that is the position of the Ministry of Transportation. The six week service guarantee is neither a guarantee nor a service: it is an inconvenience. The Ministry takes doctors’ advice on license suspensions at record speed – Ontarians are right to expect the reverse to take less than a week.”

In an earlier response to a petition by MPP Jim McDonell, the Minister of Transportation asserted that the department is “meeting or exceeding” the service guarantee, meaning files are being processed faster.

“This is just further evidence that the Ministry’s right to sit on the file for 30 business days, or six weeks, has no basis in law, regulation or necessity” MPP McDonell commented. “People depend on their ability to drive in order to live, work and help others, especially in rural Ontario. The Ministry of Transportation must improve the service guarantee and let Ontarians know it is committed to serving them efficiently and promptly”.

MPP McDonell’s motion on the Medical Review service guarantee will come for debate later this afternoon.