A Measly Dime for Struggling Ratepayers

October 27, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jim McDonell questioned the Premier today regarding her Government’s continued mismanagement of Ontario’s energy system by presenting examples of constituents facing energy poverty and pointing to the Government’s questionable figures in the planned deal to buy power from Quebec.


“Ontarians, especially in rural areas, have been facing unaffordable electricity bills for years” MPP McDonell commented. “Rates have quadrupled since they took office and extra charges such as the Global Adjustment have sent bills through the roof. Ontarians have already overpaid $37 billion through the Global Adjustment and will pay $133 billion more by 2032. The Premier said it was “worth it”, but it clearly wasn’t. The latest actions on the electricity file have been prompted not by a policy awakening by the Premier, but by a loss in the safe seat of Scarborough-Rouge River. How many more constituents’ misery is the Premier’s energy delusion worth?”


The Government recently announced that a new deal to buy power from the Province of Quebec would save ratepayers $70 million over 10 years. When questioned on CFRA, the Minister of Energy stated a saving of 10 cents, but avoided stating over what time period, despite repeated prodding by the host.


“It’s 10 cents a month, give or take” MPP McDonell stated. “It is a pathetic excuse for action by a Government that has made energy in this province unaffordable for residents and businesses. Premier Wynne continues to over-pay wind and solar producers for energy we don’t need, while reliable and clean sources of energy such as hydro-electric and nuclear must remain idle. What this Province needs is real action to bring down rates, not piecemeal solutions that end up having no real impact.”