MPP McDonell Reintroduces Delegated Authorities Accountability Bill

November 2, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – In the previous session, MPP Jim McDonell introduced Bill 219, the Delegated Administrative Authorities Accountability and Transparency Act. The reintroduced Bill (now Bill 58) would, if passed into law, make the appointment process to Delegated Authorities such as the Technical Standards and Safety Authority, Electrical Safety Authority, Motor Vehicle Council and other agencies subject to parliamentary review, subject them to the Freedom of Information Act and the Sunshine List, as well as opening these agencies to scrutiny by the Auditor-General and the Ombudsman of Ontario.


“Consumers want industrial and professional regulators to focus on accountability and consumer protection” MPP McDonell stated. “Under the current government, consumers have not seen their interests sufficiently protected and have not been able to trust the agencies’ internal procedures due to the numerous exemptions to transparency laws enjoyed by Delegated Authorities. My Bill enshrines in law a simple principle: if an agency has the power to compel individuals and professionals to join, collect fees, enforce regulations, levy fines and withdraw licenses, it should be held to a much higher standard of accountability and transparency. It’s just common sense.”