Cancel Projects in Unwilling Host Communities

November 30, 2016


To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:


WHEREAS  the Premier recently stated that it has been a mistake that government policies have caused electricity bills to rise so dramatically, resulting in hardship for thousands of Ontarians, and

WHEREAS on September 27, 2016 the Minister of Energy announced that because Ontario has a sufficient supply of all forms of energy to meet demands over the next decade, he was suspending the LRP-II process, and

WHEREAS according to the IESO and the Government, the trend has been toward declining energy consumption in the province, decreasing the need for new generation, and

WHEREAS over-payment for unneeded wind and solar energy in Ontario is causing Ontarians’ electricity bills to rise to increasingly unaffordable levels, and

WHEREAS over half of Ontarians’ power bills are regulatory, delivery charges and the Global Adjustment; and

WHEREAS the Global Adjustment is a tangible measure of how much Ontario must over-pay for unneeded wind and solar power, and the cost of off-loading excess power to our neighbours to the south at a significant loss; and

WHEREAS many LRP I projects were approved by the IESO without Community support or agreement, without Abutting Landowner agreements, and without prior local First Nations support, although these priorities were well advertised in the process, and

WHEREAS the “Notice to Proceed” stage which triggers most of the IESO commercial commitments has not happened, and

WHEREAS the IESO’s payment of pre-NTP costs would be a tiny fraction of the projects’ avoided capital investments,





To immediately cancel all LRP I contracts, such as Nation Rise Wind project in North Stormont.


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