North Stormont Residents Voice Discontent Over Wind Project

December 2, 2016

CORNWALL – Residents of North Stormont opposed to the development of the Nation Rise industrial wind project delivered thousands of hand-signed letters addressed to the Premier of Ontario, the Hon. Kathleen Wynne, to the office of MPP Jim McDonell today.


“The Nation Rise wind project was approved by the Independent Electricity System Operator despite meeting none of the rated criteria” MPP McDonell commented. “The community, including abutting landowners, opposed the project from the get-go, and the township declared itself an unwilling host. Despite these clear messages, the IESO allowed the project whose power is completely unnecessary to meet declining power demand in Ontario. Recently, the Government suspended its second stage of wind and solar procurement because it realized the over-paid power would not be needed in our grid and would have to be off-loaded to our neighbours, again, at a cost. Nation Rise should face the same fate – the community doesn’t want it and the Province doesn’t need it.”


MPP McDonell will hand-deliver the letters to the Premier and the Minister of Energy next week in the Legislature.