Fix Inconvenient, Expensive Functional Assessments

February 23, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jim McDonell launched a petition today calling on the Government to guarantee the delivery of driver functional assessments within the United Counties of SD&G and to reduce the cost that Ontarians have to bear out of pocket for the service.


“Seniors, Ontarians recovering from a stroke and many other drivers are forced to submit to a Functional Assessment in order to preserve their right to drive” MPP McDonell stated. “A Functional Assessment for a resident of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry today involves driving over 1.5 hours away to Ottawa or Smiths Falls, taking a road test with an accompanying Occupational Therapist and paying in excess of $800 for the privilege. For those recovering from an illness, and seniors and Ontarians on fixed incomes this is an unaffordable sum.”


The Ministry of Transportation insists that Functional Assessments are not delivered in Cornwall or SD&G because there were no local bidders for the relevant contract tender.


“The Ministry should focus on service” MPP McDonell countered. “If local suppliers are unwilling to bid, it is the Ministry’s duty to work pro-actively with communities, hospitals, clinics and others to find a solution that would see these services delivered where the people need them. We have trained professionals locally in our hospitals and we should look at utilizing them for this important service”.


MPP Jim McDonell launched a petition, available to print or sign online at asking the Government to work with communities to establish Functional Assessment delivery in our area and to insure Functional Assessment services under OHIP.