Government Must Take Action At Hydro One

April 10, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jim McDonell demanded the Minister of Energy stop acting as a Hydro One salesperson and instead focus on acting in the public interest as the majority shareholder of Hydro One.


“The Ontario government owns the majority of Hydro One shares” MPP McDonell commented. “They have no excuse for tolerating obscene executive compensation or utter contempt for the customer, including shocking cases such as stating they read a meter on a house that had burned down. If the Minister of Energy is unwilling to act in the public interest and demand proper change at Hydro One, the Premier should do so in his stead.”


Hydro One reportedly agreed not to disconnect electricity supply during winter months in late 2016; however, customers in our riding continued facing disconnections in the new year. The CEO of Hydro One earns close to $4.5 million per year, almost 10 times the average pay for a provincial utility CEO in other Canadian provinces.


“The government still owns Hydro One.  They are responsible to the people of Ontario and they own the corporation’s failures, problems and mismanagement as well” MPP McDonell stated. “It is time they showed a measure of decency and acted to stop the pattern of disdain for customers and common sense that has been allowed to persist at Hydro One for much too long. Enough is enough”