Government Votes Against Enhancing Student Safety

May 5, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK – During the Committee stage of Bill 65, the Government voted against a Progressive Conservative amendment that would have significantly increased student safety – ostensibly the reason for Bill 65 in the first place.


“School bus camera evidence against reckless blow-by drivers should be admissible in court, instead today it has no value unless a policeman and the bus driver appear together in court as well” MPP McDonell commented. “We submitted an amendment to Bill 65 that would have incorporated a provision into the Bill that the Liberals themselves supported on the record just a few months earlier. Instead of being consistent, the government chose to pick politics over students and voted the amendment down. If it’s not a Liberal idea, they will vote it down, regardless of its necessity”.


Support for changing school bus camera evidence procedures has come from both municipal and law enforcement stakeholders.


“The government is trying to paint a false picture with blow-by smears that only serve blow-by drivers” MPP McDonell stated. “Let’s set the record straight. The PCs wanted reckless drivers who do not respect school bus stop signs to be punished promptly and reliably. The Liberals said no. It is time they stopped playing politics and spreading misinformation, and focused on delivering better outcomes for Ontarians.”